You Had Me At Meat Tornado

Sometimes people are beautiful. Not in looks, not in what they do. Just in what they are.

The Best of Bryz

Some of the best quotes from Philadelphia Flyers goalie, Ilya Bryzgalov, the lovable Russian nutjob. It’s true when they say goalies have a few screws loose. Gotta love Bryzy.

Bryz on Huskies:
BRYZ: “You have imagination, right? You know the breed Husky?”
HARRY: “The Husky? The dog? That’s what you have?”
BRYZ: “Siberian Husky. She’s all white. Beautiful blue eyes. That’s basically blonde girl with blue eyes. Your dream, man.”
HARRY: “So you’re comparing women to your Huskies?”
BRYZ: “My husky, basically, she’s a hot girl, man.”

Bryz on the Universe:
"I don’t know, right now I’m very into the universe like what is it like … solar system is so humongous big right… but you see like our solar system and our galaxy and like on the side you know like it was so small you cant even see it. Our galaxy is like huge but if you see the big picture our galaxy, like is so tiny, like dot in there in the universe, like if you think like we have some problems here in the earth to worry about compared to like…nothing…just…be happy."

Bryz on being an NHL Goalie:
"I love it. Sometimes hate it. A few weeks ago they broke my chest protector during the practice, and guys continue start hitting me in the same spot. Oh my God, why so painful? I don’t want to be goalie now. Can I sit in the office and accept the calls? Like ‘1-800…Let me transfer you to different department" 

Bryz on Defensemen:
"Okay, they fire the puck from the blue line. Chief usually yelling ‘block the shot!’ at the defensemen. They doesn’t have the goalie gear, but they have to block the shot. So who is more crazy, me or the defensemen? Who is more weird?”

Bryz on Russian Alcohol and Tigers: 
(Note: there is a picture of a tiger on the bottle of alcohol he is referencing)
"Alcohol, cognac and lotsa mixture of the nature of the stuff. This is tiger! And like, less than like, probably 500 species on the Earth. China law, if you kill tiger like this? Death penalty. If you kill the tiger and they find you, you’re dead. That’s it." 



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